A community of more than 400 healthcare professionals online.

  • 22 surgical medical specialties.
  • 24h Emergency of Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychology.

Analytics at the patient's home and interpretation of results online

Accompaniment program with video consultation.

  • Preparation for childbirth and maternal child.
  • Obesity and nutrition.
  • Health coach and personal trainer.
  • Family psychological accompaniment and mourning.
  • Mindfulness.
Docline is a digital ecosystem that provides insurers with an online communication channel that optimizes their healthcare processes and produces high performance in clients by increasing accessibility through the patient portal that connects directly with the specialists' non-contact consultation. What is the differential value of Docline in relation to the other companies in the market?

  • Accessibility and humanization of healthcare for clients in the video consultation from any digital device, operating system and browser with the option of doing it with or without App.
  • Transversality and integration of all the functions of Docline through an API to any of the programs and management processes of an insurer.
  • Adaptability and implementation of the different Docline modules to the needs of insurers in a few weeks (Plug and Play) according to the established requirements.
  • Credibility and differentiation in 2nd medical opinion by health professionals of the highest prestige in the Spanish territory and references in their specialty with the option of making personalized video consultations or through the private Docline messaging.
Docline is an independent digital platform that allows clinics and hospitals to create their own safe and professional online health environment (GPDR).

  • Multi-platform video consulting module (iPhone, iPad, Android, Web Browsers, Desktop App for Mac and Windows).
  • Online medical prescription module and digital clinical history.
  • Management of availability of online appointments for video consultations.
  • Offer the service of Second online medical opinions (medical chart of the clinic or hospital).
  • Online consultation module.
  • Collection of video consultation services and private messaging through the payment gateway.
  • Electronic and remote signature through a trusted third party (ValidatedID).
  • Encryption of health data and compliance with RGPD.
  • Integration with ERP's, CRM's, Clinical management software in an agile way according to needs and requirements.
  • Access to the Apple Health Care ecosystem (products, services and advice).
  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Your employees will connect, without unnecessary travel, with a health professional from the "palm of your hand" with only "two clicks".
  • Your company will be recognized for its digital transformation, differential value and competitive advantage.
  • Your employees will increase their motivation that will result in improved performance and productivity.
  • The company that promotes the health and well-being of its employees reduces absenteeism (Adecco report on work absenteeism).
  • Great added value for employees who do not work in the company's facilities, mobility through meetings and do not have quick access to a medical consultation.